Mystery Warehouse Pieces
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Mystery Warehouse Pieces

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Pick how many pieces you want in your Mystery Warehouse Order:
$10 (per piece) wallets, wristlets, clutch styles
$15 (per piece) bags, totes, crossbody styles

Get pieces for less than they cost us to produce!

These include our overflow leather items. Pieces may include discontinued styles or prints, imperfect prints or markings, natural style hides with natural markings (non-printed), styles that we had too many of the same prints, etc. Pieces are fully usable/wearable.

There is no guarantee of prints or curation - duplicate prints, colors and hide styles can occur. There are no returns or exchanges. Limited availability.

    *Due to handmade process and recycled leather, each piece may include imperfections and details that add to the uniqueness of the item. No two are alike!

    *Please note, the images depicted are meant to be an example and will not be indictive of all orders. Since we use recycled leather and hides, colors and prints will vary in each shipment. 

    Did you know? Our leather items are handcrafted from leather offcuts. Each piece is totally unique due to the method of production. The leather is repurposed to make one of a kind accessories. Making beautiful, sustainable items from pieces that would otherwise end up in the landfill.